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Allergy Be Gone is a private company originally founded and currently funded by an allergy sufferer like yourself. Allen Barsano, our founder, has always been concerned in helping people who suffer from allergies. Not being born with any allergic symptoms, he never understood the struggle that people contend with in controlling allergic and asthmatic symptoms until he began to develop allergies in his twenties. After realizing the suffering and learning that there are ways to combat this illness he decided that it was time to help others heal in more homeopathic ways that just medication alone. Allen has solely contributed for the funding and maintenance of this site. It for this reason that we are dedicated to providing the allergy sufferer with useful allergy avoidance information.

At Allergy Be Gone we strive to help people attack their allergic symptoms. Over 50 million Americans suffer from allergies, and for all of you that do, we understand! That’s why we are here to answer all your questions and provide you with top notch products that are sure to help! In our goal to find the best products, we also want to make your visit to our site as informative as possible.
Substances capable of provoking allergic reactions are called allergens. Allergies to airborne allergens – such as house dust mites, mold, pollen and pet dander – affect over 50 million people in America today. Although widespread, allergies are treatable and the symptoms are controllable. Depending upon your individual situation, your allergist will recommend one, two or all three of the following treatments:
Depending upon your individual situation, your allergist will recommend one, two or all three of the following treatments:
1. MEDICATION: Using pharmaceuticals in various forms to block the symptoms of allergy. Although this does not do anything to eliminate the specific allergy causing those symptoms, it is at times a necessary part of treatment, especially in asthma or severe nasal allergy.

2. ALLERGEN AVOIDANCE: Eliminating or decreasing your exposure to the substances to which you are allergic. The less of the allergy-causing material you breathe in, the more comfortable you will be, and the less medication you will require (can’t complain about that).
3. IMMUNOTHERAPY (ALLERGY INJECTIONS): Injecting the actual substances to which you are allergic, in order to produce a degree of tolerance to them. The allergist at first injects very minute amounts of the allergens, and then very slowly and gradually increases the dose over time, thereby decreasing your degree of sensitivity.
Uncertain about what products will help you? Visit our learn more about allergies section where you’ll find help!


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Remove Dark Circles Under the Eyes With These Home Remedies

Dark circle is a common non-hormonal, dermatological problem troubling many. Before learning about the ways to get rid of dark circles, one must learn about the root cause of dark circle. The region surrounding our eyes has a mesh work of delicate blood vessels or capillaries just underneath the soft, thin layer of skin. The capillaries are so fine that red blood cells at times get lost in to the surrounding skin due to wreckage or breakage in the capillary walls.

The accumulation of red blood cells escaping through leakages in capillaries result in dark circles that are blue-black or dark purplish in color. This escaping of RBCs or red blood cells takes place throughout the body, but dark circles are so evident and prominent only below the eyes, because the skin in that region is very thin and translucent, and the blood vessels are situated very close to the skin surface.

Factors triggering circles under the eyes

1. Heredity or genes
2. Exposure to sun
3. Fatigue
4. Any illness
5. Lack of sleep due to all night work or partying
6. Stress
7. Hyper pigmentation
8. Nutrient deficiency
9. Pregnancy and menstruation
10. Allergies
11. Aging

Home Remedies for Circle Under The Eyes

1. One may apply cucumber juice in the region beneath the eyes and leave for 10 minutes. The cool, refreshing cucumber juice not only lightens the skin tone in the discolored area, but also soothes the tired eyes.

2. A paste made out of one teaspoon tomato juice, 3-4 drops of lemon juice, a pinch of turmeric and sufficient white flour may be applied on under eye circles and left for 15 minutes. This remedy will be quite helpful.

3. Keeping a dry, cold tea bag on circles for about 10 minutes is a commonly used home remedy.

4. Dabbing under eyes with ice cold water also helps, for cold water is empowered to constrict the blood vessels under the skin surrounding the eyes.

5. Dabbing circles with cotton balls soaked in chilled rose water can prove beneficial.

6. One may massage the dark area with cold cream before going to bed at night. This will disperse the accumulated red blood cells.

7. Dark circles can also be massaged with almond oil.

Hope I have covered some of the simple and best way to remove dark circles under the eyes naturally and safely. Add more grace and beauty to your face with these beauty remedies for your eye care.

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How To Cover Under Eye Circles With Makeup

When leaky capillaries get emphasized due to aging, fatigue, dehydration, skin pigmentation and several other causes, dark under eye circles appear. If this situation is a matter of concern to you, it is recommended that you may consult a physician about this discoloration appearance. However, in the meantime something can be done by you in order to cover up the circles and a temporary restore the natural color around your eyes.

The things that you will need to carry out this home based concealment of under eye circles are very easy to get. They are water, soap, towel, liquid foundation, yellow based liquid concealer which should be at least one or two shades lighter than your foundation, wedge sponge, dusting powder and powder puff.

The steps that need to be followed require careful attention. Other wise, the ingredients required for the treatment for the above issue will be contaminated and the entire initiative could be wasted. But that’s nothing to worry about; all you need is a bit of your aesthetic sense.

Firstly, make sure that you wash your hands with warm water and soap for at least 2-3 minutes and then dry up your hands by patting them with a clean towel. This is a step many people actually skip, but it’s extremely important that your hands are clean. So don’t skip it!

Take one or two of the foundation and mix it with one or two drops of the light foundation in your palm with the help of a wedge sponge or concealer brush. Make sure that the two ingredients are mixed properly.

You can use the same wedge sponge or concealer brush for the application of the above created mixture. You have to make sure the entire area of under eye circles is spattered with the mixture. If there is any mixture spattered inside or outside the eye corner, then pat it dry gently from inside to the outer parts of the eye corner.

You can dip a small portion of the powder puff in the container of the face powder and remove the excess powder by shaking the puff well over the container. In order to set the concealer or the foundation, gently use the powder puff for patting the powder right from inside corner of your eye. This will hold the foundation and give you a fresh look and reduces the appearance of dark under eye circles.

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How To Deal With Dog Allergies

One of the irritating conditions that a pet owner can encounter is dog allergies because of the discomfort it causes for both the dog and the pet owner. Most of the symptoms of these allergies are the same and its hard to determine what type of allergy they are. Some of the common symptoms that you have to watch out on dog allergies are the following: Respiratory signs such as coughing and sneezing, Digestive signs such as vomiting and stomachache, Mucus discharges from holes of the body, Hair loss and Loss of appetite.

One of the common dog allergies is food allergy is caused by ingredients in dog foods that are not suitable for your dogs body. Some of the ingredients that may cause allergy are: beef, chicken, pork, milk, grains and corn. One of the common symptoms of food allergy is scratching and most of the time pet owners put this aside and consider it as part of the personal habit of dogs. One of the ways to determine the allergens in food allergies is to do trial and error. You have to slowly eliminate certain ingredients that you think your dog has allergy with every week until you determine the certain ingredient.

Inhalant allergy is the most common of dog allergies as it involves common allergens such as dust, molds and pollens. It is not easy to diagnose inhalant allergy since its symptoms are the same as other dog allergies. The only way to treat this is to avoid the allergen. It is also good to give it fatty acids in order to prevent more damage due to inhalant allergy.

Another one of the dog allergies is flea allergy where the fleas saliva is the allergen, as well as its bite. They suck the blood from your dog, which causes the allergy and getting weak because almost all the energy is sucked out. One treatment to do is you must take away the fleas by practicing flea control through cleaning your house more often. Make sure to clean most your dogs bed and floors because this is where fleas come from. Bacterial allergy is caused by different bacteria, especially the Staph bacteria and may or may not affect your dog. It is one of the dog allergies that is not common and cannot be determined easily. There are sores and patches present in the dogs skin that can be caused by bacteria. Have these patches checked by the veterinarian if they get worse. Another least common among dog allergies is contact allergy where the dog is allergic it a particular item such as a certain plant or whatever item you have around you. The two best treatments for this is either give the medical treatment for a short relief, or just remove the cause of the allergy for permanent relief.

These dog allergies are something that a dog owner should be aware of so that they can take care of their dogs more, as well as be knowledgeable about the health conditions of dogs. Also, it is your responsibility as a pet owner to be familiar with the different treatments of these dog allergies so that you can also do them in your home when the veterinarian is not yet available.

Dog skin allergies or Allergic dermatitis is a term generally used to refer to group of skin allergies that may be brought about by several major or minor factors in dogs.


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